Who paid for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s MJ memorial trip?

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) famously attended Michael Jackson’s memorial service at the Staples Center in L.A. and famously gave a little (long) speech. But now local Houston news organizations want to know: Who paid for that trip?

Her office ignored Click 2 Houston’s query when they asked, "While I understand that Jackson Lee is not required to comply with Texas Open Records or FOIA requests, please accept this request for the information as a constituent and a member of the media."

However, as recently on Sunday she was asked about the funds:


 "Who paid for that trip for you to go to that memorial service?" reporter Joel Eisenbaum asked Jackson Lee when she appeared live on the Sunday morning newscast.

"Well, uh … that umm … those resources are resources that I have and, therefore, they are in a way that does not interfere with anything that has to do with serving the United States Congress," answered Jackson Lee.

"Understood," Eisenbaum replied. "So, public funds?"

"Those resources are resources that I have," said Jackson Lee.

Video here.

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