Wanda Sykes with Peter King, looking for the Dept. of Law and something about Sarah Palin?

Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily has an item about the upcoming Wanda Sykes show and what they’re asking writers to do.

The writers are miffed because they are being asked to write a lot for free. But the point is, Finke received the submission packet of what the show is going for and … it has some nice D.C. examples of their hopes and dreams for this show:


Trying to get Congressman Peter King to attend a Jackson tribute at a local VFW hall, and getting King to admit on camera, yeah, he cried a little when he first heard Ben. She’s out of my Life? That made him weep like a little girl.
Going to Washington to look for the mythical “Department of Law” Sarah Palin was talking about and trying to get lawmakers to sign on to its creation.
Inserting Wanda into a reverse of Sarah Palin’s resignation explainer – along with that creepy-looking audience of five – as the Gov. goes on and on with basketball metaphors. 

(h/t Gav)

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