The GOP’s Maybe Secret Plan To Reform Health Care

Questions swirl around the phantom Republican bill on health care reform … is it so good that it will never see the light of day?

Our bill is never going to get to the floor, so why confuse the focus?  – Roy Blunt

… or has everyone already seen it?

Our reform plan to lower costs, increase access, and improve quality was released weeks ago and it is well-known. – Roy Blunt

or, is it a work in progress?

We’re continuing to put the final touches on our bill as the Democrats are continuing to put the finishing touches on their bill – John Boehner

Confused? You should be because all three statements were made yesterday.

And while these contradictory statements may raise the question of whether one hand knows what the other is doing within the House leadership, a patented GOP chart has been obtained by Daily Kos that clearly outlines the Republican vision for meaningful health care reform.


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