Missed deadline? No problem.

TPM gets the White House talking points:

Talking Points: Missing the August Deadline?

We are closer to real health insurance reform today than ever before. Key committees in Congress have reached a striking degree of consensus about how to control costs, guarantee coverage, and provide more choices for every American.

The important thing now is that we keep working, because Americans have been waiting decades for reform and should not have to wait any longer.

President Obama remains committed to and confident about signing health insurance reform into law by the end of this year.

Because while reform may be coming too soon for some in Washington, it’s not coming soon enough for the American people.

* Each day we delay reform, 14,000 Americans lose their insurance.

* Premiums continue to rise at three times the rate of wages.

* More and more small businesses are forced to choose between covering their employees and staying afloat.

* State and local governments’ skyrocketing health costs are crowding out spending on services like public safety and schools.

* And growth in Medicare and Medicaid continues to be the number one driver of crushing long-term federal budget deficits.

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