Wilder not wild about Deeds

Make sure to check out J-Mart’s interview with former Virginia governor Doug Wilder, where he said he has no plans to support Democrat Creigh Deeds despite getting pressure on high from the White House.

The money grafs:
Patrick Gaspard, the White House political director, met with Wilder, the nation’s first elected black governor, for over two hours in Virginia’s capital.

But Wilder, in disclosing the meeting in an interview with POLITICO, made it clear that he remained far from endorsing Deeds and was in no hurry to weigh in on the closely watched race — all the while outlining with his typical brutal candor what he thought some of the party’s challenges were and what was at stake.

On what the former governor called “bread-and-butter issues,” he said of Deeds: “Tell me what the man has done? I haven’t heard it.”

Asked if he thought Deeds may have a problem this fall with African-American voters, Wilder said flatly: “I do.”

He said black voters have no reason at the moment to vote for the nominee and referred to the decision this week of BET co-founder and Democratic donor Sheila Johnson to support GOP nominee Bob McDonnell.

“Many people feel taken for granted and I think that was built into the decision Mrs. Johnson made,” Wilder said.

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