Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard vacay

The Daily Beast has more about where President Obama and fam will be staying while vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard.


Obama and family are planning to holiday at a Martha’s Vineyard property of the sort that rents for $35-50,000 a week. Negotiations are being finalized for the rental of Blue Heron Farm, a 28-and-a-half acre pile in the town of Chilmark that boasts a swimming pool, a small basketball court, and even a golf tee. There are four dwellings to choose from and more a half dozen other structures in which to swing a cat. (Chilmark, by the way, was deemed the most expensive small town in all America by Business Week back in 2007. It has since shot up again in value by several hundred million dollars.)

Of course things get tricky when you’re a vacationing president:

First, they’re not renting the entire farm. As reported in this morning’s Vineyard Gazette, while the details are still being hammered out, it appears that the rental agreement will be split into three leases: one to be held by the Obamas, another by the Secret Service and a third by a White House entourage.

What?! There are Republicans in Martha’s Vineyard?!

Incidentally it’s unlikely that either of the property’s owners voted for their new tenant: wife Mollie contributed to Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign. And her timber magnate husband maxed out on contributions to both Thompson and John McCain

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