Not watching cable

This White House, like others, likes to pretend ignorance of the petty news cycle, while in fact being obsessed with it, something CBS’s Mark Knoller exposed a bit today in an exchange with Robert Gibbs:

QUESTION: Robert, what gave the president the impression that there was a media frenzy and his message wasn’t getting through? He often says he doesn’t read — watch cable news much.

GIBBS: No, but…

QUESTION: … you tell him, did the staff tell him "you need to address this" (inaudible)?

GIBBS: I was with him yesterday — I was with him yesterday, but the reports on cable TV were that this was taking up a lot of real estate.

QUESTION: And you told him that, you let him know, or he?

GIBBS: A number of people I think let him know.

QUESTION: (OFF-MIKE) anybody on the outside about this issue?

GIBBS: Not that I know of.

QUESTION: So it wasn’t one of these things where you’re talking to an old friend or something?

GIBBS: Not that I know what.

QUESTION: And was there discussion of him issuing a written statement rather than coming in? It’s incredibly unusual what he did here today.

GIBBS: And miss the opportunity to see you guys?

No, I — I — the notion that the president wanted to come — I don’t know who’s laughing back there.


If you laugh like that, we’ll move you up to the front row. That’s — that’s — no, the decision to come in here and tell you all about it was the president’s decision.

(via Carol Lee)

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