Resetting the narrative

Nia and I wrote yesterday about how Obama had — uncharacteristically — blundered into an old-fashioned, well-worn American melodrama of black man, white cop, and executive taking sides — ones whose course is so familiar, and whose sides are so hardened, that it’s very difficult to escape.

The story of black professor and Irish cop sitting down for beers at the White House with the president — now that’s Obama’s narrative.

And between his calls to Crowley and now, the White House says, to Gates, Obama seems to have retaken control of the story, and shaken it out of that old narrative — if at the cost of creating a major distraction.

"They had a positive discussion during which the President told Gates about his call with Sgt. Crowley and statement to the media. The President also invited Gates to join him with Sgt. Crowley at the White House in the near future," the White House said in a statement a moment ago.

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