S.C. cable pulls DNC ad [UPDATED]

Senator Jim DeMint is claiming victory over the White House this afternoon, announcing that two South Carolina cable operators have pulled the Democratic National Committee’s attack on him after letters from his lawyers.

An official at Cablevantage in Columbia confirmed they’d taken the ad off the air but declined to comment. An official at Charter Media, the other cable operator, wasn’t immediately available.

DeMint calls the ad "both false and misleading" because it says that he doesn’t have a health care plan, when he has in fact advanced one.

A DNC official said the party’s lawyers are continuing to send documentation to the cable providers.

"We don’t concede at all that he does have a plan," said DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse, saying Demint’s plan would "do nothing to address the questions of access and cost. That’s not really a plan in our view."

He also called DeMint’s satisfaction "perverse."

"We say in the ad that he’s playing politics. He doesn’t dispute that," he said.

Woodhouse said the DNC would either persuade the cable companies to change their minds or send them an altered version of the ad that still attacks DeMint — the ad’s central theme — for playing politics with health care.

"We’ll probably throw some more money behind it to boot," Woodhouse said.

UPDATE: The DNC says one of the companies, Charter Media in Greenville, has agreed to put the ads back up, though I was unable to confirm that and DeMint’s camp has not been told it.

ALSO, here’ s a copy of DeMint’s lawyer’s letter to one of the stations.

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