Pssst, Michael? We Opposed Republican Meddling In Schiavo Case

That sound you hear is millions of Republican heads exploding simultaneously, as Michael Steele once again shoves his foot down his throat:

That’s the mood the administration is beginning to take. You understand what the underlying principle of socialism is. It is government control of the means of production. In this case, it is the government controlling the means of providing health care to the American people. It is inserting itself into the very fabric of the decisions that you make, have to make every single day. It’ll make the Terry Schiavo case look like a walk in the park. You know, you’re going to have meetings and committees, government agencies and bureaucrats making decisions on what kind of health care you get.

Seriously, Michael, how much did the DNC pay you to equate the Republican Party’s interference in Terri Schiavo’s life with socialized medicine?

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