Who to trust

Frank Rich,  "And That’s Not the Way It Is" (NY Times, July 26)

"We’ve heard much sentimental rumination on the bygone heyday of the “mainstream media,” on the cultural fractionalization inflicted by the Internet, and on the lack of any man who could replicate the undisputed moral authority of Uncle Walter…. What matters about Cronkite is that he knew when to stop being reassuring Uncle Walter and to challenge those who betrayed his audience’s trust."

Howard Kurtz, "Anchors in an Unmoored World" (Washington Post, July 27)

"When we are drowning in information, those who deliver the bits and bites become less important. Minute-by-minute developments are available not just on television but on countless Web sites and blogs and Twitter feeds. To be heard amid the cable cacophony, one must analyze, opine or simply pop off — the very antithesis of what Cronkite and Jennings did."

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