DeMint throws fit, demands censorship of DNC ad

Jim DeMint thinks this ad shouldn’t be allowed on the air:


DeMint calls the ad “both false and misleading” because it says that he doesn’t have a health care plan, when he has in fact advanced one.

DeMint’s “plan” is to give uninsured Americans vouchers of $2,000 per year (or $5,000 per family) to buy health care insurance. How would he pay for this? By requiring all TARP loans be repayed within five years, and using the repayments to pay for the vouchers.

Problem is, once the TARP loans are repayed, DeMint has no plan to pay for the vouchers. So not only would his plan be woefully inadequate and do nothing to control costs, it wouldn’t even last more than a few years.

As the DNC said, that’s “no plan at all.”

“We don’t concede at all that he does have a plan,” said DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse, saying Demint’s plan would “do nothing to address the questions of access and cost. That’s not really a plan in our view.”

Amazingly, the cable operators sided with DeMint and refused to air the ad, leaving the DNC with no choice other than to slightly change the ad’s wording so that it would comply with the demands of cable company censors. (Imagine what Sarah Palin would be saying about the First Amendment at this point.)

According to the DNC, the revised ad still makes the same essential point: that Jim DeMint is putting politics ahead of doing anything meaningful on health care.

In the end, not only did Jim DeMint help draw attention to the DNC’s ad, but he also let us know something that we might not have otherwise figured out: he’s a thin-skinned bully who thinks the best way of dealing with political criticism is to have it taken off the air.

Jim DeMint is the one who waded into the conversation with his “Waterloo” insanity. Now that it’s backfiring on him, he can’t take the heat.

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