Three’s a crowd

Illinois state Rep. Julie Hamos will be announcing tomorrow that she’s running for Congress, creating a crowded Democratic primary for the suburban Chicago seat of Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

Her entrance in the race means there will be three bona fide contenders for the Democratic nomination. State senator Michael Bond kicked off his candidacy last month.. Marketing executive Dan Seals, who unsuccessfully challenged Kirk the last two elections, is making another run in the district.

Kirk is vacating the seat to pursue a Senate campaign.

Hamos has served in the state legislature since 1999, representing the affluent North Shore suburbs of Chicago. About one-third of her state legislative district is within the Tenth District lines, but she currently lives in Evanston — just outside the district.

Hamos had been planning to run for Attorney General before the sitting AG Lisa Madigan decided to run for re-election. Representing an affluent district, she has a strong fundraising reputation and already raised about $600,000 for the Attorney General’s race. 

Hamos also has the ability to partially self-finance the race, according to a Democratic operative, which is a vaulable asset running in one of the most expensive media markets in the country.

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