Daily Kos bash at Netroots Nation Pittsburgh

Last year, in Austin, we started an annual tradition — the Daily Kos bash at Netroots Nation. It’s our way to thank our community, and the broader netroots, for being so freakin’ awesome.

The theme for Austin was “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!”. This year, we’re one-upping Bill O’Reilly with:

NN party Pitt

Two hours of open bar, the great ska/reggae/funk sensation Spiritual Rez, and — this is so kick ass — a special performance by actor/comedians and friends of Daily Kos David Cross (aka Tobias Fünke in Arrested Development) and Sam Seder.

The party is Saturday, August 15, and is open only to those with Netroots Nation badges. If you haven’t registered, time’s running out. Join us for the fun!

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