Remainders: Blame the Internet

Obama, Gates and Crowley will meet “hopefully this week.”

Gideon Rachman hones in on Palin’s views on the troops and the press.

Bunning is out.

Willie Geist gets up Way Too Early.

Smashmouth Robin Smith jumps in for an open House seat in Tennessee.

Oops: F-22s protect us from China, not India, Cornyn says.

Comes now a counter-birth reso.

Orly Taitz makes (Facebook) friends with Michael Steele.

Gibbs blames the Internet.

Pawlenty cautiously builds a national profile.

SPLC asks CNN to take Lou Dobbs off the air.

And Geithner can’t find a buyer for his own $1.6 million house.

(with Zack Abrahamson)

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