Obama Called “Racist” By Israeli Rabbi

A settler rabbi in Jerusalem has labelled Obama a ‘racist’ at a rally to protest the United States’ call for a total freeze on Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, Haaretz reports.

The groups behind the rally also aim to organize re-settlements in areas which have been evacuated, according to Haaretz.

George Mitchell, U.S. special envoy to the Middle East, is in the region to encourage peace talks and to help broker a deal on the issue of settlement construction.

After arriving in Syria to open the peace talks, Mitchell downplayed negotiations with Israel as “discussions among friends.” The talks are centered on developing a lasting peace between Israel and neighboring countries.

Haaretz reports that mentions of Mitchell’s name were greeted with jeers by the 1,500-strong crowd gathered at the rally.

Mitchell today traveled to Egypt to meet with leaders there and to continue to push for what the former senator calls a “full comprehensive peace,” according to VOA.

The Egyptian visit is the final part of the U.S. envoy’s trip to the Middle East.

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