Michelle Schweiger Schecter: The Spurn Of The Native

Remember back when Hillary
Talked of a right-wing conspiracy
But then it turned out not to be true
Just Bill doin’ what he was wont to do

This time round its actually quite sick
Something worthy of an Ollie Stone flick
Even though debunked by Factcheck
Undoubtedly there will be tears from Glenn Beck

Did you catch Liz Cheney on Larry live?
Allowing the birthers’ claims to thrive
Carville, quite exasperated on Mr. King
Telling us this is, indeed, a very “nutty thing”

To wit, the loon seen worldwide screaming at Mike Castle
Seems like that town hall was just not worth the hassle
She gesticulated and she screeched: “I want my country back!!”
Embittered and unmoored because our President is black

And G. Gordon spouting the other night on Hardball
Matthews adroitly avoiding an all-out brawl
Liddy quoting Grandma’s statement that the birthplace was Mombasa
Nixon’s former bud clearly in need of some Vinyasa

Then there’s Dobbs sounding borderline demented
Saying our Commander may be undocumented
An anchor “still looking for validation”
Apparently enlisted by the zealots of our nation

Quickly followed Cohen’s letter to the head of CNN
The SPLC pointing out Lou’s at it again
While Jeffrey Toobin sagely called the birther claims “a joke”
Perhaps it’s all a scheme to give Jon Klein a stroke

At first the prez of Cable News declared the story “dead”
But then did a 180 and said the host could go ahead
Retreating from his stance that there was “no legitimate beef”
How’d they manage to get to the Network’s esteemed chief?

These diehards even Morning Joe did openly maroon
Scarborough equating them to something found in a cartoon
Fox’s Michelle Malkin, surely not one of team blue
Rejects these “rabid” lunatics (and believes Trig is Sarah’s too)

Perhaps these people can now find something else to do
Can’t wait to see where next their venom they will spew
Maybe they can take a road trip up to Harvard Square
Then weave a tangled web and in it all good sense ensnare!

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