Me and my “smear job”

I’ve taken more than a few hits about my Pelosi story from yesterday, which addresses the Speaker’s low poll numbers — and the fact that she couldn’t care less.

Some were funny, most were to the point, all were appreciated. But there’s one post — by blogger/diarist "buildrail" on Kos — I have to take issue with. It’s got the catchy headline "Politico is Awful":

Glenn Thrush has a piece on the site now (7/27/09) about how Nancy Pelosi is one of the most reviled figures in Washington and portrays her as an arrogant, indifferent , out-of-touch politician in the process. The RNC could not have crafted a better smear job on her, and not surprisingly statements from conservative blowhards like Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin (in what universe are they legitimate political commentators?) and the NRCC abound.

To refute this trash is a real chore, as the claims are absurd at best. Boehner has much lower approval ratings and conservatives have tried to paint Pelosi as an "elitist" for years to no avail.

Fair points — so fair, in fact, I included them in the aforementioned smear job.

Her popularity is, I wrote, "a few clicks better than Boehner."

As for the GOP’s painting Pelosi as an elitist: I devote a lot of space to the counter-arguments — that some critics may be motivated by misogyny or Pelosi’s fearlessness in tackle tough issues before President Obama and Harry Reid.

Plus I wrote an entire story about the GOP’s inability to create a serious anti-Pelosi movement back in March. The nut:

"As Democrats settle in on Rush Limbaugh as their Man in Black, GOP leaders are concluding that the speaker of the House doesn’t quite rise to the same political devil level…. Asked to gauge the impact of dozens of anti-Pelosi ads and mailings created by the GOP in the past three election cycles, the consultant replied, “Bleh. Nothing.”

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