Remainders: Bonding

The Cabinet attempts to bond.

Sotomayor clears committee.

Health care spending will hit a million a day.

Gerstein knows a lot about police tapes, and wants more.

Blumenthal says the public needs a clearer health care message.

Palin flirts with a radio show.

Biden is as gaffe-prone as expected.

Bloomberg has spent a lot of money to be at 47%.

DeMint autographs Sam Stein’s book: "Remember Waterloo."

Mike Huckabee gets no respect.

TNR offers Israel advice.

Maxine Waters opens up on the Blue Dogs.

La Raza hits Steele.

Newsweek loses Darren Briscoe to the administration.

Bill Clinton makes a Queen Mum joke, pleases the Irish.

Voinovich has had enough Southerners.

Nancy Scola explains YouTube stats.

And Steve Coll met Daniel Boyd 18 years ago, in Pakistan.

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