Frank Dwyer: The Least-Trusted Flack on CNN

The least-trusted flack on CNN, Wolf Blitzer, just interviewed Senator Jim DeMint. Blitzer allowed DeMint to explain why his tireless efforts over the years to secure real health care reform had all been thwarted by Democrats. In the course of this stand-up routine, DeMint supported the troglodyte Republican position by again citing “studies” done by the Lewin Group and (I think he said) other “non-partisan, independent” groups.

I can understand that, what with Michael Jackson having died so suddenly and the general press of flacking so cheerfully and enthusiastically for his once-proud network, Blitzer probably doesn’t have much time for any real news, but surely somebody at CNN ought to be watching MSNBC. The Lewin Group, as Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have been reporting, is part of Ingenix, which is owned by United Healthcare Group, which is the largest health insurer in the country. Citing the Lewin Group as non-partisan and independent, repeated incessantly by talking-pointed-head Republicans as part of their catechism of greed and meanness, is lying. The Lewin Group is no more non-partisan and independent than DeMint himself and his fellow-liars, Republicans and various “dog” Democrats, who all have very good reasons, no doubt, for voting with the super-wealthy insurance companies and against the needs and hopes of the American people.

Be warned: Wolf Blitzer, the chief flack at Lou Dobb’s birther network, makes CNN one of the pitiful places Republicans can still lie confidently about the Lewin Group.

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