Is Obama boring on TV?

TV correspondents and news executives told me this week that health care isn’t ever going to be a draw ratings like hot-button cable news debates — such as this week’s on "race." Indeed, Obama’s health care-focused presser last Wednesday got his lowest ratings so far.

But is it only the complex health care debate that’s caused the ratings lag, or as the Observer asked today: "Why has Obama become boring TV?"

David Gergen acknowleged that health care could be part the problem, given that it’s a "complicated subject" and that "it’s hard to hold people’s attention." 

But the main problem, Mr. Gergen believed, was one of frequency. The White House is scheduling Obama TV way too often. “People can get a little numb,” said Mr. Gergen. “By comparison, Franklin Roosevelt, a superb communicator, had three fireside chats in his first six months. History suggests that even the best communicators, if they go too often, wear out their welcome.”

Former Bush communications director Nicolle Wallace said the problem is that "the unpopularity of his policies is catching up with him."

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