Rocky’s first subpoena

Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) lobbied for more enforcement authority when he took over the Commerce Committee — and now he’s starting to use it.

Rockefeller has subpoenaed Gary Johnson, the CEO of Connecticut-based Vertrue Inc., an internet services firm that charges customers a monthly fee for joining a "discount club" featured in its pop-up ads — after being stonewalled since late May.

The company, Rockefeller says, has been the subject of "thousands" of complaints — and a 2006 investigation in Iowa found that two-thirds of the company’s customers signed up accidentally and had no idea they had been registered with the company.

Vertrue, Rockefeller writes, "has provided no information documenting your company’s internal discussions about the large volumes of consumers who complain about unauthorized" credit card charges.

A call to Johnson wasn’t immediately returned.

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