MOBAMA lunching at Central

You gotta give Michelle Obama credit, she does appreciate the finer restaurants in D.C.

Today she was spotted lunching at Michel Richard’s Central, a top restaurant in town. And this wasn’t her first time at a Richard establishment–the Obamas went on a date night to his main restaurant, Citronelle.

Our spy says the two secret service agents waiting outside the restaurant was a tip off that someone important was there, though the staff were sworn to secrecy and wouldn’t divulge who. (They later denied it was Veep Biden).
Agents milled throughout the small place while Mrs. Obama – wearing a lime green sweater of a green/black/ white patterned sundress – eventually “whipped” out the door. “There was no time for people to applaud!” our spy reports. “It was so shocking — but she looked great.” There you have it.

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