ProPublica: Take ProPublica’s Health Care Survey

by Olga Pierce, ProPublica

There’s been lots of coverage so far about the insider politics of health care reform, but what about the most important question of all: how will proposed changes affect consumers who rely on the system for their health?

To find the answer, we’re teaming up with American Public Media to ask readers and listeners to tell us what their greatest concerns about our health system are. In a short questionnaire, we’re giving ordinary folks the chance to tell us what they’re worried about, and what questions they want answered.

So far, we’ve met people like Nancy, who suffers from epilepsy and has insurance, but must pay tens of thousands of dollars per year in out-of-pocket expenses. How will the changes being debated in Congress affect her? How about Ted, who is happy with the insurance he gets from his union and just want s to make sure he can keep it?

Once we’ve heard from enough people to get a good sense of what people most want to know, we’ll deploy our crack team of investigative journalists to parse through the political noise to get answers in terms that people can actually understand.

Then, with the help of American Public Media, we’ll publish the results of our questionnaire and the answers we find in time to inform readers before Congress’s pivotal vote on the issue in September.

Click here to take the survey. Thanks.

Olga Pierce is a fellow for ProPublica, America’s largest investigative newsroom.

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