Saturday hate mail-a-palooza: America isn’t what they think America is

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's million-dollar-a-year executive vice president who is the chief strategist behind the organization's aggressive political strategy.

NRA head honcho Wayne LaPierre, whose obstinance on gun regulations is worse than any petty hater.

Goal ThermometerA bunch of people hate liberals, edscan has delusions of grandeur, blah blah blah. You guys who come here for your weekly fix of hate know where to get the goods (below the fold).

But we can’t do much about these haters except laugh at them, but we can do something about the assholes at the NRA standing in the way of sensible gun regulations. So if you are angry at the state of our gun laws and want to do something about it, deny the GOP’s the 1/435th of a vote they’re expecting in the IL-02 special election. We have a great candidate in Robin Kelly. Let’s send a message that the NRA badge of approval is no longer a winner outside of rural districts.

Everyone who wants to see the NRA go down should chip in at least $3 to help make them radioactive.

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