Saturday hate mail-a-palooza:

Tea Party rally, sign says "You ram it down our throats in 2010, we'll kick your ass in 2012"

The haters, during more optimistic times.

Today isn’t a volume play. As far as I can tell, conservatives are tuning out as they realize that 1) America hates their guts, 2) America doesn’t hate gay people anymore, 3) brown people are taking over the joint, 4) brown people hate conservatives even more than other Americans, and 5) it’s more fun for them to hate on Karl Rove.

We’re seeing this tuning out not just in my hate mail, but also in Fox News’ ratings, in Clear Channel’s troubles, in the GOP establishment’s weekly proclamations of “reinvention”, only to go back to the status quo.

Just think if you were a conservative (and oxymoron, I know), you would have suffered the devastating blow of hating Romney, then pretending to love Romney, to thinking Romney was an easy victor, to losing the White House to the Kenyan Socialist Muslim, to losing seats in the Senate including darlings Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, to seeing the popularity of the Tea Party movement crater, to watching House Republicans cave on the debt ceiling, to now watching Republicans talk about legalizing nasty brown people!

Is it any wonder they’re tuning out? So today’s big question is whether the limited goods below the fold make up in quality, what they lack in quantity.

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