Cartoon: Raising your candidate

In creating this Behavioral Guide for Republicans, my goal is to address a certain rabble-rousing Republican candidate for president whose name rhymes with “rump.” We should be able to talk about the campaign and the issues therein without constantly trumpeting said candidate’s name, right?  

It seems like the GOP, and a good chunk of the media, would be well served by reading a parenting handbook or two. (Any parenting handbook within the last 100 years will do.)  We are feeding the beast, pouring gas on the fire and playing into this vast publicity scheme that will result in higher speaking fees and better reality television deals for the Candidate-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. (At least I hope all that results from this feeding frenzy are better t.v. deals and speaking fees. God save us if the reality show takes place in the Oval Office.)

Let’s hope the cable news

around the gilded real estate developer subsides and important issues that are, y’know, presidential and stuff, move to the forefront. (Idiocracy wasn’t supposed to take place until 2505, after all.) Enjoy the cartoon and be sure to share, comment and dig into the links behind the ‘toon!

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