Cartoon: Republican Guns 2016

Sure, it seems like there are a lot of Republicans running for president, but that doesn’t even include the guns who are also trying to get to the Oval Office. As the candidates try to out-tough and out-gun each other, it turns out that the sixteen candidates own at least 40 guns. That’s quite a candidate-to-gun ratio.

Poor Ted Cruz seems to have a weird AR-15 bacon grease fetish as you’ve probably seen by now, and it turns out the candidate named Lindsey has one of the biggest arsenals. (He must be making up for his time as a lawyer in the Air Force who received dubious promotions.) This would all be ridiculously comical if the candidates’ actions, on the campaign trail and in their various day jobs, didn’t actually have an impact on our nation’s gun policy. It would be much funnier if so many people weren’t getting killed


Prepare yourself for more tough-guy candidate photo ops. Fall will bring hunting and plenty of opportunities for desperate presidential hopefuls to pose with their big guns and the occasional dead fuzzy or feathered creature. Enjoy the cartoon, check out the additional links and be sure to share it with your friends, gun-totin’ and otherwise.

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