Hillary Clinton answers all the email questions, but Politico is miffed that she got ‘testy’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to the media during a news conference in Las Vegas, Nevada August 18, 2015. REUTERS/David Becker - RTX1OPKW

After an appearance Tuesday in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton had a session with reporters in which she spoke extensively and—as far as all evidence points thus far—truthfully about the only thing the press cares about: email.

This time, in an empty and quiet gymnasium, Clinton grew testy as the back-and-forth with reporters became more heated and focused pointedly on her emails and her use of a private server while she served as secretary of state.
“What was supposed to be convenient has turned out to be anything but convenient,” she said, reiterating that she “wants Americans to understand” that when it comes to whether or not she sent or received any classified emails, the process would be the same whether or not she had used a government account. “It has nothing to do with me and it has nothing to do with the fact that my account was personal,” she

of inspectors general investigations into whether or not classified material was discovered.

“Isn’t leadership about taking responsibility?” she was asked.

“I take responsibility … in retrospect this didn’t turn out to be convenient at all,” she said. “And I regret that this had to become such a cause celebre,” reiterating that what she did was legal and she has tried to be helpful to law enforcement agencies.

And it goes on like that. She takes responsibility while pointing out that she’s not the target of the IGs investigations. But, Politico’s Annie Karni says, Clinton was “testy.” As to that, good point, Peter Daou:

Karni goes on at length about why, for some strange reason, the crowd that came to see her in North Las Vegas, “one of the poorer neighborhoods of the glitzy city,” didn’t ask one thing about emails. What’s wrong with the actual voters who don’t care about what the Beltway media is obsessed with? What’s wrong with supporters like Otistine Brown, “a retired school teacher from Las Vegas” whose reaction to the whole flap is to be “concerned about that because Republicans could take that and make her look really, really bad,” and “concerned about the emails” because “attention around it was ‘like a ploy to get her out of this election.'” Why oh why don’t regular voters play by the media’s Clinton Rules?

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