Cartoon: Your Trump tonight

Now that the media sun revolves around the Trump, we all must become accustomed to seeing everything as it relates to The Donald. People, particularly cable news, just can’t avoid the delicious catnip that is Donald Trump. He’s a ratings bonanza in the form of a strange, entertaining billionaire demagogue. But, hey, he makes for good teevee—although he doesn’t make for good Democracy, but who cares, this is about ratings and fun!

Methinks this is what happens when the two predetermined “frontrunners” are from rehashed old political dynasties. People want new and different fun, entertainment, and off-the-cuff jokes and jabs. Now if only we could find someone who had all that AND good solid policy positions on foreign policy, the economy and global warming.  

Mostly missed while we watch the Trump spectacle are things like Bernie Sanders twenty-two (22!) points lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.

guess the Trump distraction might come in handy for some people.) It used to be that the presidential campaign was covered like a horse race, now it seems to be covered like a wrestling match on the hood of a greased NASCAR covered in Trump and/or Koch logos. Enjoy the cartoon, pass it along to your favorite Trump fan and check out the news behind the ‘toon.

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