As Carson and Trump stoke Islamophobia, GOP elders worry about getting a bad rap

Republican U.S. presidential candidates Dr. Ben Carson (L) and businessman Donald Trump talk during a commercial break at the second official Republican presidential candidates debate of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign at the Ronald Reagan Presidentia

Ben Carson started it when he suggested a Muslim wasn’t fit to be president and now The Donald wants in on the action by promising to deport all Syrian refugees because, “They could be ISIS.” First it was Mexican immigrants, then all immigrants, then Muslims, and now even Syrian refugees. But the Republican base is digging it, reports Steve Peoples:

Carson’s fortunes have surged since he first said he wouldn’t support a Muslim president. He raised roughly $700,000 and added more than 100,000 Facebook friends in the 36 hours after making the comment, said campaign manager Barry Bennett.

But even Mitt “self-deportation” Romney seems to fear what all that pandering to hardcore GOP voters will mean for the party.

“I think it’s been unfortunate that some of the rhetoric has so clouded the picture that some people think we’re anti-immigrant. Nothing could be further from the

Romney said, prompting audible laughs of disbelief from the crowd gathered at a Washington conference on Wednesday.
“Hey guys. My party is pro-legal immigration. Massively,” Romney pleaded and later added, “The rhetoric has been terribly unfortunate in many respects.”

Oh, Mittens—you joker, you. Perhaps, you’ve confused “mass deportation” with “massively” pro-immigration.

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