After more than five years, GOP is ‘coalescing around the outlines of a plan’ to replace Obamacare

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Hang on, grandma, Republican help is on the way!

Well, this is exciting news. After more than five years, more than 50 votes to repeal, along with endless predictions of Obamacare bringing about the End Times, and finally, finally, Republicans have come up with the replacement plan they’ve been talking about since 2010:

After years of trying, Republicans are coalescing around the outlines of a plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Oh. Never mind. They still haven’t come up with a replacement plan as much as they’ve agreed to a general idea that “seems to reflect an emerging consensus among Republicans” on what that plan should be. So, when will the bill that will at last end our long national nightmare of millions of Americans having access to health care be introduced in Congress?

But despite the general agreement on the outlines of a plan, Republicans are a long way

getting an ObamaCare alternative enacted.

Because apparently it’s difficult to submit a bill based on an emerging consensus of an outline of a plan. But don’t worry, it’s still good news for Republicans because this emerging consensus of an outline of a plan:

… could help Republicans fight back against Democrats, who have long argued that the GOP doesn’t have a plan to help the uninsured — partly because no legislative proposal has reached the floor.

Yeah, those damn Democrats sure do like to argue.

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