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OK, so we went a little crazy on the Speaker of the House thing yesterday. But, wow, did we ever discuss the hell out of that!
Greg Dworkin is scheduled to be on hand today to help reestablish some of our regular structure, and from there, we might just wonk out all over again.

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Greg Dworkin is busy at work, Joan McCarter is busy on vacation, so David Waldman gives us something different – devoting his entire show to one specific issue, Paul Ryan’s “conditional” announcement for Gop House Speaker, and the opposition from the House Freedom Caucus. David creates a running commentary and annotation of the Vox.com article entitled The House Freedom Caucus has some good ideas on how the US House should operate. What other program would take the time to explain the HFC, their demands for reform and the cyclical nature of those demands so you can understand it? No one.

Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!

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