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OK, Monday again! Time to round up the weekend crazy, and get ready for the clown car to crank out a whole new weekday supply.
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David Waldman explores what the options could be for the Democratic party and the 2016 presidential election considering the sudden departure of Lincoln Chaffee from Primary contention. And:

Greg Dworkin reviews the Benghazi Hearing with Hillary Clinton yesterday as another step in solidifying her nomination, and the election, as well as her image as the wonk-competent candidate. Some in the Gop, on the other hand, may come up with a different opinion.

Iowa, not representative of the political make up of America, or maybe even the Republican Party, is still first in line for nomination ballots, and Ben Carson is well-liked there, but look out for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio moving up through the pack. Jeb!, however, burns through money, time, and support.  Donald Trump is probably at peak Trump, even as a punchline – except in South Africa where “Trump is like the hippopotamus, which rapidly twirls its tail to create a fan through which it defecates, throwing a noxious cloud on all around”

David takes another deep, deep dive into parliamentary law and procedure to discuss Paul Ryan’s agreement to delay discussion about reforming the “motion to vacate” procedural motion. Ted Cruz solidifies his Gimmetarian credentials by sending a full repeal of ObamaCare to the president’s desk. Marco Rubio, a Gimmy from way back, is having a hard time staying on the straight and narrow, although his staff suggests a little stealing from Starbucks couldn’t hurt.

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