Open thread for night owls: Koch-fueled hoaxer Inhofe threatens to crash climate talks … again

Sen. Jim Inhofe at CPAC in 2012.

Sen. Jim Inhofe’s clownish public stance on climate change has proved
 lucrative when it comes to oil and gas campaign cash.

Katie Herzog at Grist writes—Climate-denying senator threatens to crash climate talks:

The Hill reports that Sen. James Inhofe — noted climate change denier and author of such works of art as The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future — has threatened to crash the U.N. climate talks in Paris this December, along with Kentucky Republican Ed Whitfield. “We may send a group over to Paris, just to let them know that there’s another branch of government, in addition to the executive branch, on these issues,” said Whitfield.
The Paris climate talks — a meeting of over 190 countries seeking to create a global emissions pact and address the effects of climate change — won’t be the first time Inhofe has tried to

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efforts to lower carbon emissions. He also crashed the 2009 climate talks in Copenhagen. Back then, the senator planned to bring an entire anti-science entourage and barnstorm the international community with his breaking news that climate change is a conspiracy created by Barbra Streisand, PFLAG, and American communist scientists. Unfortunately for the senator, things didn’t quite go as planned.

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2008Wall Street. Main Street. Why No Mention of Side Streets and Alleys?

In the past few weeks, both from Republicans and Democrats, we’ve heard a great deal about the travails of Wall Street and the mythical Main Street in the acute economic crisis that has everyone who hasn’t already been downsized or foreclosed sitting on pins and needles. But far less – next to nothing, in fact – has been said about what’s going on elsewhere in America, in side streets and alleys where chronic structural economic problems dating back three decades continue to take a toll.
Today, about 20 percent of America’s children—13.5 percent of all Americans—live in what is a very flawed federal measure of poverty whose parameters haven’t been changed in more than four decades.

Some 28 million Americans now receive some amount of help from the Food Stamp program, known since the beginning of this month as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Soup kitchens everywhere are in tough straits. That’s because food prices have increased at a time when the numbers of people in need have risen and the people who donate, hampered by economic difficulties of their own, are contributing less.
At the other end of the scale, crunched state budgets mean reduced aid to higher education at a time when still-rising tuition costs are making it ever more difficult for people at the lower ends of the economic scale to do what every politician, social reformer and statistic says is a way out of those lower ends: more schooling.

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