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What can you even say about a Tuesday? Nothing!
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Just like that pop-up message asking you to sign that petition, David Waldman is back in your face again – but in a more pleasant, helpful and interesting way: Ben Carson quintuples down on his loonier Holocaust and gun talking points, adding several others along the way. Neither Rand Paul nor Bacon is your friend. Greg Dworkin rounds up opinions and polling to discuss: Hillary Clinton is likely to be the next president, but Bernie Sanders is still out there fighting. Republicans still picture a downfall (and probably will every moment of Clinton’s terms.) Here is what Gop bumperstickers mean by “lies”. Trey Gowdy figures that it is also Hillary Clinton’s fault that the Benghazi hearings made Republicans look bad… And the Republicans blame the Freedom Caucus for Paul Ryan? Less people support the Tea Party and less people support Jeb! Bush. Will Marco Rubio be the last person standing? Maybe not. David reviews the Freedom Caucus, who they are, and how they were able to get the Republicans to where they are today. FBI director believes crime is up because police have stage fright. Maybe they just don’t like a surveillance state? Do people that run into difficulties with their pocket pistols believe that taking most precautions is as good as taking all precautions? You have been warned that they are coming to take your guns, but now we have discovered who they are.

Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!

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