Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Congressional deals, Republican squeals


Congress just might give the nation a reprieve on the fiscal drama for all of 2016. House and Senate leadership, together with the president, have agreed on a two-year spending deal, and they have also agreed to put off a debt-ceiling fight until March 2017.
If it passes, it would mean no more fears of defaults or shutdowns for a while, but it’s ultimately a short-term fix. The new budget is more of a political victory than a fiscal one, leaving many of the nation’s underlying budgetary problems in place.

NY Times adds who won:

Obama Wins on Budget Deal, Just by Keeping the Lights On

Conservative Philip Klein looks at who lost:

This budget deal is what GOP surrender looks like

I don’t know about the deal, but I like the headlines.
BTW, figure Rand Paul to filibuster and perhaps Ted Cruz. God knows what Rubio will

. Anyone running for president on the Republican side is required by the base to be nuts.

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