Morning Digest: Louisiana Democrat: “David Vitter wouldn’t last a day at West Point”

Democrat John Bel Edwards ad against Republican David Vitter

Leading Off:

LA-Gov: Neither Republican David Vitter nor Democrat John Bel Edwards has much time to prepare for the Nov. 21 general election, and both parties are wasting no time opening up a can of whoop ass on the other side. The nasty jungle primary left Vitter with terrible favorable ratings, especially once his opponents started asking questions about his 2007 prostitution scandal. However, Louisiana is a very conservative state and President Obama has never been popular, and Vitter and his allies are aggressively working to link Edwards to Obama. This election may come down to one question: Can Louisianans hate David Vitter more than they hate Barack Obama?

Edwards’ first general election spot warns viewers that Vitter “will spend millions of dollars lying about my record, my values, and my service to our country and our state.

Edwards then reminds voters that he went to West Point and lives by its honor code, declaring he won’t lie, cheat, or steal. Edwards memorably declares that “David Vitter wouldn’t last a day at West Point.”

Edwards is also getting some backup from Gumbo PAC. The group is airing a new TV spot that features clips of Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne, the two Republicans that Vitter defeated in the jungle primary, attacking Vitter. The spot opens strong with Angelle warning voters that there is a stench that will come over the state if Vitter wins. Edwards will need to win over a significant portion of Angelle and Dardenne supporters to prevail next month, and neither Republican has endorsed Vitter. Gumbo PAC received $300,000 from the DGA to air this spot.

Vitter also took some friendly fire on Monday. Head below the fold for more.

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