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It’s Wednesday, but more importantly, it’s a Wednesday when Joan McCarter is not on vacation!
Oh, but I just realized that Joan might read this, and while I’m sure it’s very flattering and all, if you think about being missed on the show, I don’t want her to see us running around celebrating because she’s not on vacation. I mean, being on a nice, long vacation is great! I just don’t want it to ever happen again. That’s all I’m saying.

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David Waldman opens with the depressing, disturbing and all too usual news of a toddler being shot71st this year. Leaving guns out for kids is not home protection, therefore is not natural law. Greg Dworkin brings us polling and news of the world: The White House and the Gop seemed to have reached a budget agreement, so Boehner’s work here is done. Ben Carson leads Republicans nationally now. How is this possible? How does apocalyptic pessimism rally their base? Why so grumpy? Did Sarah start it? Although maybe Jeb! should be a little bummed. Meanwhile, the Jefferson-Jackson dinner begins to clarify the Democratic race. Sanders supporters hope to stay away from Howard Dean comparisons. Greenland is melting away, and you can watch it. The FBI is investigating The Hobby Lobby’s violation of laws based on at least a couple commandments. The House science committee is worse than the Benghazi committee, and the Planned Parenthood committee has not even started yet. Political action committees do have a few scams in place for soaking the rubes, but David wonders if candidates might be actively laundering money with bulk book buying schemes? The bipartisan budget agreement does not include a Liberty Lobby or a Galt Garret, but it does include provisions for a Freedom Foyer.

Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!

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