Open thread for night owls: The House committee even worse than the Benghazi committee

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David Roberts:

The Benghazi committee is not even the worst committee in the House. I’d argue that the House science committee, under the chairmanship of Lamar Smith (R-TX), deserves that superlative for its open-ended, Orwellian attempts to intimidate some of the nation’s leading scientists and scientific institutions.
The science committee’s modus operandi is similar to the Benghazi committee’s — sweeping, catchall investigations, with no specific allegations of wrongdoing or clear rationale, searching through private documents for out-of-context bits and pieces to leak to the press, hoping to gain short-term political advantage — but it stands to do more lasting long-term damage. […]

The science committee, Fox News, the Daily Caller, climate deniers, CEI — at this point, it’s all one partisan operation, sharing information and strategies.

The full article is well worth a read.

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2002Mexico

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back US Iraq resolution:

Why is it that all of Bush’s international “friends” are abandoning the US? Russia’s Putin, whose soul had passed the Bush test, has already sided with the evil French in opposition to the US’s “bomb Iraq” UN Security Council Resolution. In most ways, that was to be expected.
But now Bush’s supposed best friend, Vicente Fox, has announced his opposition to the measure. Mexico has one of the rotating seats on the Council, and along with Ireland is one of the swing votes. Yet the Americans, who assumed Mexico would vote with them, are showing they are no one’s bitch.

And Bush is pulling one of those famous temper tantrums he throws when he doesn’t get his way.

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On today’s Kagro in the Morning show, David Waldman brings us news of another gun left out, another toddler dead. Here’s some good news: There’s a Republican debate tonight! Greg Dworkin calls in with news & analysis to think about between the spats: How weak the establishment is. Jeb!’s downward spiral. Rubio hates his job. Is Rubio John Edwards? Trump begs for first place again. Bernie Sanders’ planners for some reason decide to tip their hand. The new budget deal is more political victory than a fiscal, but political victories are fun too. The beginning of the end for all or nothing politics? What sort of barn did Boehner leave Ryan? The target moves to Obama’s prized climate rule. Greg recommends the long-read “The Plan to Save the World“. David explores whether we have reached “Peak Madness” as Jason Chaffetz moves to impeach the IRS commissioner, four days after the DoJ closes its investigation. Mark Meadows finally got Boehner out, but didn’t get that rush he expected. Was he outfoxed by Ryan? Now he expects Ryan to get in line. Joan McCarter returns from vacation to talk about the budget deal that really isn’t the budget, not really an appropriations bill, and doesn’t actually keep the government open. Nonetheless, the nihilists & Paul Ryan hate it, but are unlikely to kill it. That won’t keep them from one last ineffectual gesture.

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