Cartoon: Paul Ryan shrugs

We’ve heard about the kooky right wing politicians in the “Freedom Caucus,” but what about the smart budget wonk who is apparently going to reign them in? Now that House Republicans have nominated Paul Ryan to be speaker of the House, he is pledging to get things done and be the grown up in the room.

Um, this is the same Paul Ryan who proposed numerous draconian budgets that just didn’t add up, right? What he proposed in the past and was initially seen as crazy-right-wing-applesauce, has now earned him a top spot as a wise budget sage and unifying figure. Methinks we’re still in for some serious fights.  

The Freedom Caucus is so nutty, they think Paul Ryan, the guy who wants to privatize Social Security, abolish corporate income taxes, estate taxes and capital gains taxes, is a bit of a RINO squish. Well, at

we know the Ryan speakership won’t be boring, yikes. In the meantime, enjoy the cartoon and be sure to read about some of the past Ryan proposals.

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