Are Republicans afraid of confronting Black Lives Matter on the campaign trail?

Republican U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks as U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (L) and Dr. Ben Carson (R) listen at the 2016 U.S. Republican presidential candidates debate held by CNBC in Boulder, Colorado, October 28, 2015. REUTERS/Ri

Is it true? Could it be that the 2016 presidential hopefuls are afraid of running up against the burgeoning movement against police brutality out on the campaign trail?
Except for Donald Trump of course. Trump said back in August that he would fight activists associated with Black Lives Matter if they tried to disrupt one of his speaking engagements.

Physically fight them.

But what of the other Republican presidential candidates? Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul appear to have declined a sip of the Hater-Ade that is being passed around to the other presidential hopefuls.  

Most recently, Rubio in particular appears to be making an effort to be thoughtful and sincere in his remarks.  He stated that many of the recent killings of unarmed black men by police “raised strong questions” about whether or not the cops were in the right.

Rubio and Carson have been approached

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson and others for a meeting.

No word yet on if those meeting will occur.

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