Morning Digest: It’s Election Day in America—again!

Matt Bevin and Kim Davis

It’s judgement day for Kentucky Republican Matt Bevin

Leading Off:
Election Night: Tonight will be a very busy night. While the Kentucky gubernatorial race will take center stage, we have the battle for the Virginia state Senate, a redistricting amendment in Ohio that actually is too good to be true for Democrats, three Pennsylvania Supreme Court races that could very well decide if Team Blue can retake the state legislature in the next decade, and mayoral races galore.

To help keep track of everything, Jeff Singer has put together an hour-by-hour guide to this evening, arranged by each races’ poll closing time. Polls start to close in Kentucky at 6 PM ET, and we’ll be liveblogging the results every step of the way.

We also have a number of special elections tonight, and Johnny Longtorso has put together a post to give us the lowdown. The

race of the night is in Washington state, where appointed state Rep. Carol Gregory is trying to hold onto her seat against Republican Teri Hickel. If Team Red flips this district, they’ll only need one more pickup to tie the Democrats in the chamber, and only two more seats to take control. Check out Johnny’s post for much more.

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