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Just one more non-live but ALL NEW show today. I should have used this one to freak you out on Halloween, though. We start off trying to answer some lingering questions about presidential candidates and their book deals, and then make our way into another favorite form of corruption, in which corporations work their lobbying magic to define the fraud out of their scams.
But things get really weird when we look at another Google project and realize that their true mission is to compile all the information there is. And I mean everything.

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David Waldman is on vacation today and tomorrow, but there will be no reruns for you! Today’s show is brand new, albeit prerecorded for today: David gives us his inside story and insight on how the formula for heavily scripted and stage managed political candidates came about. Gopac, a conservative group headed by the then House Republican Whip Newt Gingrich came up with the handout Language: A Key Mechanism of Control. Positive words and contrasting words were fed to politicians like language lessons on tape essentially nationalizing local elections, and creating the blueprint for many scams, eventually the spread of PAC’s. Since then the formula has grown into a multilevel marketing scam of national proportions. Now, candidates such as Ben Carson naturally transition from regular MLMs to government, and there are plenty of ways to make money with only the most tangential connection to actual governing imaginable. David will reveal the secret of how you can make start making big money today!

Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!

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