Open thread for night owls: Coalition pushes for a ‘Global Frackdown’


Nadia Prupis at Common Dreams writes—Ahead of Paris, Unparalleled Coalition Demands Global Fracking Ban:

Marking the broadest effort ever orchestrated to oppose controversial extraction methods, over 1,200 groups from around the world have signed a letter to policymakers calling for a global ban on fracking—a false solution, they say, which has no place in an agreement designed to lower emissions.
In Washington, D.C., activists planned to deliver the letter [Tuesday] as part of a rally staged outside the White House.

“President Obama should go to Paris as a real Climate Leader in Chief,” said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch. “The only way he can show true and necessary leadership during the negotiations next month is to stop facilitating the greenwashing of fracking and to do everything in his power to move our nation quickly towards a renewable and energy efficient future.”

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in a total of 63 countries are preparing for similar actions, collectively referred to as the Global Frackdown to Paris.
The letter demands “bold action” by heads of states and members of parliament, not just be setting ambitious emissions-reduction targets, “but also by explicitly addressing the fundamental, science-based need to keep fossil fuels in the ground.”

“Specifically, we call on you to reject [fracking] and the use of acidization for oil and natural gas production and all of the related infrastructure,” the letter continues. “Instead you must take action to move aggressively to a 100% renewable energy future, which is necessary for remediating global warming and ensuring climate stability.” […]

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2007Giuliani’s Corruption Problem:

Between 1990 and 2004, Rudy Giuliani raised Bernard Kerik from police detective to deputy correction commissioner, then correction commissioner, then police commissioner, to ultimately being, briefly, Bush’s nominee for director of homeland security. In each of the roles he filled, as the New York Times details, Kerik was characterized by corruption and abuse, yet Giuliani continued to promote him. For doing that, Giuliani owns Kerik’s corruption.
As corrections commissioner:

Behind the scenes Mr. Kerik ruled like a feudal lord, many former employees have said. He had taken up with a woman who was a correction officer; he was accused of directing officers to staff his wedding. He befriended the agency’s inspector general, whose watchdog responsibilities require keeping an arm’s-length relationship, and the investigator attended his wedding

But far more serious were his ties to a mobbed-up construction company, which developed during his tenure as corrections commissioner, a role in which he repeatedly assisted the company in its dealings with the city, while it hired his brother and paid for the renovation of his own apartment.
Despite this, Giuliani had him made police commissioner, over a more qualified candidate.

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David Waldman is still out today, but will be back tomorrow, and so will Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter! Meanwhile here is an new pre-recorded show: Rosalyn MacGregor‘s MI politics update. Rand Paul threw a tiny little “filibuster” (which wasn’t a filibuster) to fulfill his promise at the last debate to fight the “Washington Machine”. He spent every ounce of his energy, and charged his supporters about a buck a minute. How can candidates turn campaign cash into personal cash? Buy Ted Cruz’s book for $85.00 and find out. How can the government partner with business to redefine the illegality out of criminal behavior? The Education Department, despite a crackdown against what it calls “bad actors,” continues to hand over tens of millions of dollars every month to other for-profit schools that have been accused of predatory behavior. Copyright law on auto software might have hindered the emissions detection that could have caught VW’s earlier. With microphones and RFID readers in cars and home appliances that can communicate with whomever asks them, what is there to worry about? With a variety of people worried about sharing the information stored in their own DNA, progress continues on the technology to read and store it. Don’t worry, there is no trick say researchers. They only want to help.

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