Weekly poll roundup: Carson and Clinton rising

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton shakes hands with rival candidate and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (L) and thanks him for saying that he and the American people are sick of hearing about her State Department

On the Democratic side, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to rise, though the former at a higher rate. A week ago, October 29, Clinton led 54.4 to 29.9 in the Pollster composite of national polls. Today, that’s at 56.4-31.1 percent.

I thought Sanders’ ceiling was 30 percent. He’s now exceeded that. Congrats! But the overall picture continues to look bleak for his candidacy. Clinton’s numbers range between 50 and 62 percent in the last week’s national polls. Time is chipping away, yet over half of Democrats continue to back Clinton with her trend on the upswing. Sanders’ numbers have ranged between 26 and 35, meaning that he’s got just a quarter to a third of Democrats. I keep saying this and I’ll say it again, he’s not breaking through his demographic base.
Once upon a time, the early states were a bright spot for

but that’s also changing. We now have three polls showing big (and growing) Clinton leads in Iowa. PPP went from a 21-point lead in mid-September to a 32-point lead this week. Gravis … fuck Gravis they suck (but they echo PPP). Monmouth College shows a 14-point Clinton lead with no recent trendlines. Clinton leads 49-32 in the composite, virtually unchanged from a week ago.

In New Hampshire, where Sanders maintains 42-34 lead in the polling composite, the only poll last week was a Monmouth University poll showing Clinton up 48-45. Its previous poll in mid-September had Sanders winning 43-36. Interestingly, like with the national polling, Sanders isn’t losing meaningful support. It’s just that Clinton is scooping up the Biden crowd and undecideds.

Aside from that, Survey USA have Clinton a 66-24 lead in Florida, some school named Winthrop University did a survey in South Carolina that had Clinton up 71-15.

We’ll look at the Republican side below the fold.

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