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OK, granted, it’s Friday, and we can do whatever we want. Actually, we can pretty much do that any day.
But I really did want to maybe try to get off the subject of crackpot Ben Carson! And I don’t think he’s going to let us do it. I really don’t!

The Ben Car-istocrats!

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David Waldman would like to present the first chapter of Indiana Carson and the Pyramid for grain, but the special FX budget is too steep. Carson could spend his time pondering policy questions, for example wet-foot, dry-foot policy. Greg Dworkin gets into the discussion of the candidates and recent elections: Matt Bevins won by running against Barack Obama, which won’t work for David Vitter. Little change for polling as Trump-Carson are still doing great selling their brands of grift-otainment, Rubio and Cruz continue to inch up, while Clinton-Sanders maintain their levels. Marco Rubio tries to pick on Trump’s immigration stand, probably a bad move, while the press gets around to noticing Rubio’s handling of personal finances. With all of this going on, Ted Cruz may now have found a path through this pack of weaklings. Should we thank Obama for the drop in Democratic political control? Did gun control cost Democrats in the Virginia election? Are liberals losing the culture wars? Are Democrats plagued by low self esteem, and thus attracted to self-blaming clickbait? Here is what a Democratic sweep looks like. You hear it here first: Kevin Brady ratified as Ways and Means chairman. Was the response to the Colorado Springs shooter effected by police fatigue to open carry pedants? Mike Huckabee, idiot, proposes an idiotic plan on idiot network, which may just strike a chord with his constituency. Was Ben Carson a direct-mail scam that just got out of hand?

Thanks again to Scott Anderson for the show summary!

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