Cartoon: The real Republican debate

When it comes to Republican presidential candidate silliness, it doesn’t get any better than this. (Oh wait, unless you’re talking about this.) After the recent on-stage mayhem, the GOP presidential candidates are trying to get control of the debate formats. Now multiple campaigns are getting into details like the temperature of the venue— which shall henceforth be a crisp sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides appropriate temperatures, the definition of a “gotcha” question seems to be expanding to include questions about policy and foreign affairs. (You know, things a president should kinda’ sorta know some things about.) I agree that the candidates shouldn’t be hit with unfair questions by the moderators, but in their quest to eliminate the liberal “mainstream media,” they want a campaign event, not a debate.  

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush would be happy if he could just talk about his fantasy football league for an hour or so.

guy, his brother got to own a real live team but Jeb(!) has to brag about his imaginary team in front of an audience of 14 million.) No matter the moderator or ambient room temperature, the mutually-parasitic relationship between the candidates and the network hosting the debate will continue to entertain and disgust.  

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