Trump lashes out after Romney suggests there’s a ‘bombshell’ in his taxes

Mitt Romney went after Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying “we have a good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes.” Aside from being hilarious considering Romney’s long delay in putting out his own tax returns as the 2012 Republican nominee, I think you can guess where this is going as far as Trump’s response:


Let’s take a little flashback to 2012, shall we?

“It’s my honor, real honor, to endorse Mitt Romney,” Trump said, with Romney and his wife standing nearby. Calling Romney “tough” and “smart,” Trump said, “he’s not going to continue to allow bad things to happen to this country.”

But now Romney is a loser

a loser who’s going after Trump’s tax returns, so dumbest, worst, dope.

According to Trump, “my returns are extremely complex” and “I’m in no rush to do it.” Yeah, his returns are very complex and at a minimum are going to show that he’s not as rich as he likes to pretend he is. 

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