Politico publishes silliest ‘both-sides’ article of the 2016 presidential cycle. Good god, why?

This Politico effort may be the most egregious ode to both sides-ism to yet be produced this election cycle. Subtitled “Trump and Clinton feed the rigged-election charge to their peril,” it provides next to no justification for the and Clinton premise. It directly compares Donald Trump’s campaign website assertions that “Crooked Hillary” is “Rigging This Election,” his own suppositions of the same, and Alex Jones/Roger Stone-peddled lunacies not to equivalent Clinton theories, but to the American government’s own intelligence suspicions of Russian hacking.

And the maddening thing is, it’s by and large a good, well-written story. It reads exactly as if the reporter turned in a piece on the Trump-peddled notion that our entire election system might be too crooked to trust come November, only to have some mewling editor refuse to run it unless and until he wedged in some comparable claim about Hillary Clinton—no matter how silly

tenuous. It’s almost satirical.

Trump’s campaign website is recruiting poll watchers to “Help Me Stop Crooked Hillary From Rigging This Election!” […]
Trump’s running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has also repeatedly stoked supporters’ skepticism of the voting system’s integrity, telling a Georgia woman at a recent town hall that her concern about a fraudulent election was “well-founded.”

On the other hand, when it comes to whether or not Russian hackers are probing U.S. government and campaign sites, it’s not even the Clinton campaign making the charges. Russian tech efforts to “troll” other countries by leaking—or, more often, inventing—embarrassing information, not for the purposes of destabilizing those countries so much as to cause minor humiliations for those governments, have been well known for years.

Which, again, results in an article that shoots down its own premise.

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